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It's just not fair.

Being a guy on social media is brutal.

We don’t have "giant knockers" to show off. We can’t just post a booty pic and get thousands of likes...

For most guys, social media is their biggest insecurity.

They post a picture and wait anxiously... thirty minutes later a few "friend zone likes" come in..

What’s a “friend zone like"?

It’s a “like” given when people feel bad for you. Like "Aww, that's ok buddy, I'll give you a like."

Having a low-status social media is like having green spinach stuck in your teeth.

It follows you everywhere you go. People notice. People talk. People remember.

It’s embarrassing.

However, not all guys suck on social media. Take Dan Bilzerian for example...
Would You Like To Have A Social Media That Makes Women Chase You?👏🏼
You know Dan Bilzerian, right?

Dan has a combined 33 Million Followers on Social Media today.

He is definitely a Social Media God, and a good dude too. 

We were talking about doing some projects together one night at his house..

It was late, 2 AM, one of those all-over-the-place discussions. 

And casually, Dan mentioned something about social media that had lightbulbs going off. 

He said..

WHO IS JASON CAPITAL? Bedros Keuilian says Jason Capital is one of the top 10 most influential men on the planet. The 7-time champion of the world Roy Jones Jr., says you gotta get what Jason Capital is teaching. And with 10,000 success stories and counting based on his unique best-selling trainings, it’s safe to say you’re in good hands with Jason Capital. He’s spent hours discussing advanced social media strategies with Dan Bilzerian, Guy Kawasaki, Elliott Hulse and others, who have a combined 41 Million Social Media Followers. And today, it’s your turn to get and enjoy the life of a Social Media God too. 
And that, my friends, is key.

The secret marketing tactics Dan uses are the same ones that made Houdini a legend. Dan is already starting to get the "legend" status...

He has a cult-following of millions.

Every guy who comes across his profile wants his life.

And... let me just tell you...

The girls... I know movie stars and famous musicians but think I've ever seen someone get girls so easily...

He gets hundreds of DMs from women every day. It's a remarkable thing.

It's almost SCARY how much influence he has.

So, I know what you're thinking...
"He's Rich And Good-Looking, Of Course He's Instagram Famous - What About Me?" 
Dan would laugh in your face if you said that near him.

The truth is... the secret to becoming a Social Media God has nothing to do with flashy cars and abs.

Dan knows that. I know that. The guys KILLING IT on social media today know the secret and want you to believe you can't do it.

See, the methods in Social Media God are so powerful that if every guy used them, there would be chaos.

Most guys can't handle the perks of being a Social Media God.

The exclusive invitations, the girls, the influence...

The truth is, guys are killing it out there.

And it doesn't take 22 million followers. Even 10,000 is enough for social media abundance if you're using the system.

Me and my clients get hit up every day by random girls.

The system almost works too well.

Which is why...
I Almost Didn't Release This Information - It's A "Shortcut" To Living Like A Celebrity
And it can be a lot of pressure.

Having thousands of guys look up to you.

Constantly being hit up by girls.

People inviting you to exclusive parties.

It makes sense why guys like Dan want you to believe that it's all about "looks and money." They're living like Gods because they know the secret and most guys are clueless.

Most guys just get "pity-likes" while girls drool over celebrities.

But the Social Media God system changes that. It's like flipping a switch.

When you stop getting "friend zone likes" and start getting "attraction-likes," your life changes drastically.

No more being ignored.

No more being jealous of celebrities.

No more waking up with zero notifications.

It's a powerful system. So before I show it to you...

You need to promise me something.
Promise To Use Your Social Media Fame For Good And Ethical Purposes ONLY
Since the Social Media God system is literally a copy-and-paste formula...

It can be easy to get carried away.

I've seen guys go from 47 followers to Social Media God in one week.

This isn't a joke.

Your life will change fast. And you need to be ready.

You'll have more freedom than ever before.

So make sure you're ethical with your influence.

Promise? Good. Now onto the system...
Just COPY And PASTE These Posts And Watch The Girls, Fame, And Customers Come FLOODING In..
Dan was right when he said social media was all marketing.

Luckily, I know a few things about marketing...

Not only have I gone from 0 to millionaire in only 9 months, but I've also started multiple 8-figure companies.

So, with over 20,000 hours spent mastering marketing, I decided to try something...

I applied my proven psychological principles to social media.

The result? A copy and paste system based on Capital-style marketing and the latest psychology research.

Here's some of the goodies included in Social Media God...
  •  How You Might Be Committing "Social Media Suicide:" best-selling author Tim Ferriss reveals how most guys are ruining their social media image.
  •  The Simple Method For Getting People Addicted To Your Posts: people will be anxiously waiting to see your abundant lifestyle...
  •  If You Can Copy And Paste ONE Post, Your Life Will Explode As A Social Media God: the one post that will kickstart your social media influence.
  •  The Single Most Important Rule To Follow When Posting On Social Media: this is key to explosive growth (and most guys are absolutely clueless about it)...
  •  How To Get Clients And Grow Your Business With Social Media: you'll have more leads than you know what to do with...
And so much more.

In fact, here's what some badasses have to say about it...
"Who Thought A Facebook Poke Could Lead To The Bedroom!? Thanks Jason!"
"I'd started to put some of the social media tips you've put out into action. I got a random friend request (and Facebook poke) from a 19-year old girl I didn't know, but had seen around before . . . Well, four days later, she's been to my house twice in the middle of the night, and she can't get enough. Thank you, again, for continuing to provide me the tools I need both professionally and with women to improve my quality of life. #keepgoing"
Doug from Illinois
"The Comments Keep POURING In!"
"Hey Jason Capital, I just used your 'like this status if' technique on my facebook page and it fuckingg worked wonders. I got a few 'haha' reactions, a few 'angry' reactions and a bunch of likes and most importantly, I got a lot of comments. Thanks again for the teachings. "
George Banko
"3 Girls Just Messaged Me 
In The 1ST HOUR!"
"Jason, I posted the Instagram pic you said to and the caption. In an hour, I've now had 3 girls message me, and one is coming over tonight. It doesn't get much better than that. (and she's a knockout.) I hope you're aware how much better your trainings are compared to everyone else combined.
In your debt,"
-Jamison H. - Los Angeles
So as you can see, this stuff works.

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Frankly, I WISH there had been a done-for-you system like this when I began my path to living the High-Status life. 

Something to help me navigate the pitfalls and avoid the embarrassing mistakes. 
I Learned Social Media The Hard Way
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Bottom Line: You'll Notice Changes FAST
We both know how fast things change on the Internet.

It's growing at an exponential rate.

And your social media can too.

There's literally no risk if you get the program.

However, if you decide to wait...
A "Shortcut To Fame" Opportunity Like This Is Very Rare -- Don't Miss It!
The normal path to becoming a celebrity is hard, scary, and full of risk.

But now, thanks to social media, it's easier than ever to become famous if you follow the right system.

Here are the facts:
This is an "Internet Goldrush" for badasses like you and me.

Experts predict that by 2018 people will be spending up to 8 hours per day on social media...

Imagine what your life would be like if thousands of people were envious of your life, spending hours each day looking at your posts and admiring you.

And the best part is...

It doesn't take money or good-looks. That's what celebrities want you to think.

All you have to do is follow the simple steps I give you in Social Media God.
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Your social circle will expand almost like you're magnetic.

New connections, crazy experiences, job promotions -- it all comes faster than you'd expect. Social Media Gods are surrounded by people who envy them, and it's all because they know the secret that most don't.

More and more guys are choosing to become Social Media Gods, I hope you're one of them...
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