• When:
    The High-Status Summit -August 10-12, 2017
  • Who:
    Jason Capital. World-Class Guest Speakers. Includes 
    Q & A Session.
  • Where:
    Newport Beach, California
  • Why:
    Explode your business, triple your network, and live the High-Status Life by learning hands-on from Jason Capital and his Millionaire Mentors. Like Oscar Wilde said, "To live is the rarest thing. Most people exist, that is all." This is for you if you're ready to truly START LIVING and getting the life of your dreams. 
11:00-1:00: Jason Capital
1:15-2:30: Craig Ballantyne 
3:30-4:45: Mike Schauer
4:45 - 6:00 Ryan Magin
6:00-7:00: Jason Capital
11:00-12:30: Bedros Keuilian 
12:40-1:00: Becoming High-Status For Life (Jason Capital Installation)
1:15-2:45: Jason Capital
4:00-5:15: Mike Koenigs
5:30-7:00: Vince Delmonte
11:00-12:30: Jason Capital
12:45-2:00: Elliott Hulse 
3:30-5:00: Chin Gregory
5:00-6:45: Private Q & A with Jason Capital
6:45-7:00: The 7-Figure Accelerator (your personal closing bonus)
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Meet Your High-Status Mentors


Jason Capital is America’s Honest Success Coach. Broke and shy, Jason discovered the science of Higher Status and became a self-made millionaire in only 9 months. Today, he is founder and chairman of Capital Research International. For eleven years, he has served as coach and consultant to Fortune 500 Executives, professional athletes, US Marine’s, best-selling authors and Hollywood luminaries. He has been recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House. He is a man on a mission, to show a billion guys a better way, so they too get what they want, when they want, with who they want. 


Craig Ballantyne is the author of the best-selling book The Perfect Day Formula. Craig’s book has shown more than 25,000 high-performers and executives how to achieve extraordinary results in every area of life, all while having more quality time for their families. Craig’s daily wisdom as owner of Early To Rise reaches over 150,000 readers and teaches people how to build their wealth, improve their health, and become the best version of themselves. Craig has been a contributing author to Men's Health magazine for 17 years. As you listen to him speak, you’ll have breakthrough after breakthrough for maximizing your time and annihilating procrastination from your life.


Bedros Keuilian is the mastermind behind many of the most successful brands, businesses, thought leaders and best-selling authors throughout multiple industries. Odds are you’ve seen his coaching and consulting clients on hit TV shows featured on ABC, NBC, Spike TV, in popular magazines, & on top of the New York Times Bestseller list. His international franchise Fit Body Boot Camp is a $100 Million Company, and was named a Top 15 Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine. If you’re interested in business and don’t get to hear Bedros speak, you may just kick yourself for missing out.


Vince Del Monte is the only fitness guru who has been coined The Skinny Guy Savior. He earned this name by dedicating his life to transforming the lives of thousands of skinny, scrawny guys – helping them become healthier, fitter and more confident in their bodies with his popular best-selling book, Living Large: The Skinny Guy's Guide to No-Nonsense Muscle Building. Vince became a millionaire before the age of 30, and currently lives in Toronto with the girl of his dreams - his wife, and their two kids. 


Ryan Magin is known by his thousands of die-hard fans as The Handsome Guy Expert. He is the creator of the best-selling Handsome Guy Secrets Program, and Team Capital's #1 publishing client. A well-known YouTube Personality, Ryan helps clients upgrade their style to attract better jobs, bigger deals and potential love partners. Working with NFL players, CEO’s and everyday badasses, Ryan is incredibly passionate about the science of style to increasing your Status and helping you get the lifestyle you deserve.
I want to personally invite YOU to the
High-Status Summit in Newport Beach. 

I will speak about what I’ve learned building several multimillion dollar businesses all before the age of 28; what I learned being named the #1 dating coach in the world, what I discovered reinventing myself today as America’s Honest Success Coach and what I learned from my various coaches and mentors on balancing this all while living a High-Status Life - Fun, Freedom, Wealth and Adventure. 

There will be 3 jam-packed days of knowledge and insight I promise you have never heard anywhere. You’ll get the step-by-step blueprints that leave nothing to chance. And being in beautiful Newport Beach, several big name business celebrities and famous experts have already confirmed their attendance. I am sure more will pop in and say hello. 

They say summer is the season of abundance. You can have that abundance. But you have to know the rules. Here are just a few of the things you will be learning in person from me.
1. Mastering Higher Status: STATUS. You know High-Status when you see it. You know it opens wallets. You know it opens doors. And you know it opens hearts. But do you know how to get it and keep it, so no matter which big-shot you’re dealing with, you have it on FULL BLAST? This is where lives are won or lost. So first things first. We’re going to install it permanently, in ways that I promise you’ve never heard before.

2. Get Your First 7-Figure Year: You know you’ve thought about it. Hard. Now let’s DO SOMETHING about it, ok? You’ll walk out the with a plan. A REAL SMOKING-HOT BUSINESS PLAN that we’ve collaborated on together. 

3. The Magic of Self-Image Psychology: Like Maxwell Maltz wrote 50 years ago, we know your self-image sets the limits of your success. What if you could raise those limits by 3X? 5X? 10X? (I’m looking at you Grant Cardone.) With this simple 10-minute exercise, we’re going to reset your self-image as high as you want it. Just make sure you’re prepared for how fast things can come into your life after this. Some guys can’t handle success at this level. Honest. Can you?

4. The Inner Game of High-Status: This is NOT about looking cool. Nor is it about what you wear, what’s in your wallet or the kind of car you drive. This is the side we rarely talk about. The “Tony Robbins On Steroids” side of it.

5. Nine Figure Insider Strategies: I will share little known tactics used by business owners making over $100 million a year. Like Steve Jobs said, “We’ve always been shameless about stealing great ideas.” You must model people 10 steps ahead of you to avoid losses and get huge results. We are going to "imitate" the best business ideas in the world.

6. The Social Circle Formula: Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future, says billionaire Dan Peña. If that thought depresses you, it’s time to upgrade your social circle. Massively. I get asked all the time, Jason, how do I find a mentor? How do I surround myself with better people? 

7. Biohacking For Increased Energy, More Muscle and A Healthy Libido: If you’re not fit, if you’re not healthy, you’re running on fumes. And for all of us, fatigue will turn your courage into cowardice. Let’s turn it around right now before you run out of gas for good. And in the process, let’s swap out unleaded gas for rocket fuel. Yeah, I like the sound of more rocket fuel for you. 

8. The Truth About Speed Reading: Warren Buffett and Bill Gates were asked what superpower they wish they had. Both agreed - they wanted to be the fastest readers in the world. But what if you knew which books to avoid and which ones really will have a lasting impact on your life? I’ll share both with you from my exhaustive library. 

8. Wealthy For Life: A method I pioneered to keep a constant flow of cash coming into your business without having to trade time for it. Like Elon Musk learned, it's not enough to be skilled at business you must have abundant capital to work with.

9. The 7 Laws of Persuasion: More sales. More customers. More conversions. You don’t need 900 persuasion hacks. You need my 7 Laws of Persuasion. Learn these and next time you negotiate with Trump? He’ll walk away in a daze, thinking, “We sure could use a guy like that on our staff.” 

10. Leave The Shadows For The Spotlight Of Success: Worldwide influence, profit, and true purpose brought into one unified plan. Most entrepreneurs either take value away from society, or are a neutral influence at best. Learn how to get the best of both worlds, where you build true wealth while changing the world for the better. Create a legacy that remains long after you’re gone, something you can be proud of. 

And Much, Much More...

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Mike Schauer is the founder of, a treasure trove of copywriting wisdom that Jason calls “Starbucks for copywriters” since the world’s best all love to congregate and “talk shop” there. Online copywriting is the hottest business opportunity for entrepreneurs right now, and Mike is an expert at teaching you the tricks of the trade. Imagine making $10,000, $15,000, even $20,000 a month working from anywhere in the world on your laptop. Copywriting is the game, and Mike’s going to teach you the rules.


Mike Koenigs is an 11-time #1 bestselling author, interactive online TV producer, winner of the “Marketer of the Year” award, serial entrepreneur, angel investor, filmmaker, international speaker and patented inventor. Mike has interviewed and consulted with celebrity clients and bestselling authors including Tony Robbins, Paula Abdul, Brian Tracy, Peter Diamandis, Daniel Amen and publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy. An active philanthropist, Mike has raised over $2.4mm for the “Just Like My Child” foundation, and is passionate about helping you turn your ideas into a money-making reality.


Elliott Hulse is an internationally renowned Strength & Conditioning Coach, Strongman, Author, Social Media Celebrity, Mentor, Holistic Life Coach, and Inspiration to Millions of people. Sharing his message “Be the Strongest Version of Yourself and Inspire Others” with over 2.5 Million viewers through his YouTube channel “Strength Camp”, Elliott has made himself a name for unifying the development of the body and the mind. Even Ryan Seacrest took a break from gossip and twaddling to rightfully crown Elliott his favorite “Health and Fitness” star. 

Chin Gregory

Chin Gregory is a former professional rugby player from London who founded 2 successful business in the UK. TKG Luxury, his second major company, was voted the fastest growing luxury concierge company in Europe in 2006. In 2009 he relocated to Los Angeles and launched a 7 figure marketing agency. His agency CG Consulting is a world leader in helping businesses in the luxury sector acquire more affluent clients using digital marketing.
Are You Ready To Get Your Dream Life?
Meet Your World-Renowned Coach..
 Peter T.
Jason Capital is the Jesus Christ of Male Success… 

Everyone believes that meeting the wizard behind the curtain will change you. 

I for one can say that this wizard definitely lives up to the hype. Since venturing out last November to attend the original Digital Millionaire Live seminar, I cannot even fathom how I was able to accomplish what I have in the past year alone. I’ve written and completed 8 books and online programs, started my own business and I’m on track to hit 6 figures this year. Oh did I forget to mention I turned 21 last week :). 

Bragging aside, my conclusion to my success is this: I am 100% certain that if it weren't for JC, none of these results would’ve possible. JC, aside from his wicked marketing expertise and his uncanny ability to teach fundamentals and cut through the bullshit, learning from him in person every few months at mastermind meetings lights a fire under your ass to get shit done. And it fucking works! There’s simply no other logical explanation. The environmental exposure (invest in SIS if you don’t know what i;m talking about) you get truly changes you from your core. I think it may even alter your DNA…jk, not really. 

If theres one thing to take from this is that, if you want to dramatically accelerate your success in any endeavour you undertake get a mentor who has done what you have done. Luke had Yoda, Harry had Dumbledore and Alexander the Great had Aristotle…who had Plato…who had Socrates. Success breeds success. Can’t wait to see everyone else at the top of Team Capital!
  • How Steve Jobs built a simple Mind Hijack into the Apple computer. And stole the PC Market from IBM. 
  • Your 30-day plan to build your social life of your dreams, with NO STRINGS ATTACHED
  • My famous “Onion Exercise” to discover your purpose and reignite your passion for your entire life.
  • The #1 Secret to re-spark the bedroom romance. (she should be coming on to you, not the other way around) 
  • Copy and paste this message to make $25 -$50 every night to make money while you sleep.
  • How to quickly establish yourself as an expert in any field, without wasting years chasing a bunch of meaningless credentials.
  • Exactly what it takes to scale up from selling a single $4.95 ebook to offering a suite of products ranging in price from $197 to $4,750+
  • How to Absolutely destroy the rules and close up to 3 times as many clients.
  •  This technique factors into almost every piece of sales copy I’ve ever written. 
  •  The FBI’s 4-step formula to ‘turn’ your enemies into allies, and make them do what you want.
  •  7 ways to get big Youtube channels to promote you and your business.
  • 5 Proven Steps to make your Social Media a magnet for invites to the hottest parties in town.
  • The Affiliate Marketing framework I learned from a friend who had no business and only 21 days to pay his rent - Here is how he did it...
  • The 2 Things every guy must do to guarantee passion on the 1st night. (Skip this and she will be cold as ice.)
  • Do your prospects pass over your emails like a ship in the night? Learn my #1 secret for getting your emails opened…
  • Jason Capital’s 10 Rules to Live By
  • The 1 mindset every Billionaire has. (And how to bring it out of yourself everyday.)
  • The 3 Step-by-step Social God formula, so you never have to walk do laps around the bar again looking for friends.
  • To Get Rich You Have to be an Entrepreneur Right? Wrong! How to Get Rich Without Owning Your Own Business
  • How to negotiate a deal like a Shark, and even Mark Cuban wanting to get a piece of the pie
  • How to build your reputation as High Status man … If you don’t, you’ll likely get friend zoned every single time.
  • Why you should never compete on price. Clients don’t want cheap. They want what works.
  • Social circle tactics for introverts. Follow these principles, and you’ll look like a local celebrity.
  • The easiest way to establish Higher Status with prospective clients so they immediately feel-“This is someone we want to work with.”
  • “Tell me, what do you do for a living?” Here’s word for word what to say … be prepared for them to offer you a job immediately, no matter what business they’re in. 
  • The 5 -Second Rule: What to say in the first 5 seconds of every conversation so they’re hooked & you’re in control.
  • The PERFECT Text Messages (send this NOW… her excited response is guaranteed.)
  • Lance Armstrong’s 7 proven ways to supercharge your energy.. (You did know fatigue is a choice, right?)
  • Get exclusive access to Multi-Million dollar mentors, who will lay out exactly what it takes to scale your business from 0 to $1,000,000 or more…
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