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What if you were one step away from everything you want in life as a man? For 10 years, I’ve been obsessed with discovering what is the ONE THING that can make the ultimate difference in your life?

Not long ago, I was sleeping in a basement, with no money, no friends, and no girls. I wasn't one of those guys destined to become a millionaire in only 9 months, or be famous for dating some of the hottest women in the world. What changed? 

I discovered a communication secret for men, backed by science, that most guys never will. This secret changed my life, it was a shortcut.

Today I have now privately taught this communication secret to Pro athletes, CEO's, influencers, along with 277,000 ambitious men in 122 countries and the results speak for themselves...

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Review by Antero Hynynen
Book full of ideas how to improve on yourself (and your quality of life) that is worth to read again and again...
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Review by Leonard Morneau
This is an amazing book which will put you miles ahead of many people. Simply reading this will put you in a better mood too, it's almost as if Jason's energy gets transferred to you as you read it.

I've graduated from medical school so I've gone through an extensive amount of formal education. I can honestly say what Jason has here is nearly as valuable as the hundreds of thousands of dollars I've spent on formal education. It will help you succeed in all aspects of life from all types of relationships, to work/business and basically anything that involves human interaction.

Some of Jason's programs cost up to a thousand dollars, and are well worth it. This book here takes a lot of that information and compiles it into one simple text for less than a fraction of the cost. This is a must read for anyone looking to improve themselves.
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"The 50 Billion-Dollar Man" & founder of the Quantum Leap Advantage Methodology
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“I’m very grateful for the opportunity to work with the best of the best. Even the best, like Jason, Kobe Bryant, Usain Bolt, hire coaches. ‘

Learning’ is one of Jason’s highest values and that’s why he’s so successful at such a young age”


Author of the #1 Best-Seller, "The Perfect-Day Formula"
"Top 10 Most Influential People On The PLANET"
"Jason Capital is one of the top 10 most influential people on the planet."


CEO and founder of Fit Body, listed as one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing businesses of 2016.
The Breakthrough SHORTCUT 
To Attract The Hottest Women and Get Your Dream Life In 2017
High-Status helped me go from 0 to a Millionaire in only 9 months. (I was 23, and living in a basement when it happened.)

A client of mine recently told me Higher Status helped him QUADRUPLE his business in under a year. (He’s rapidly approaching the 100-million dollar mark today.)

I’m even honored to say that my friend and Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas-Austin, Dr. David Buss, agrees that 'High-Status may be the best-kept success secret of all-time' for men who want more out of life. If that's you, when will you begin?
What You Don't Know..
Did you know a few years ago, a team of researchers at Duke University conducted a study to find out what the world’s Highest-Paid CEO’s have in common? 

It took months, and the results were called “stunning”.

Their research found that these CEO’s didn’t have the same managerial style nor did they “think positive” or “read a book a day”.

The researchers found that these Highest-Paid CEO’s spoke the same - they each used a High-Status Vocal Tonality, while the lower-paid CEO’s did not.*  
We live in a world, what you don’t know about High-Status WILL hurt you. 
Inside Of This FREE Book Are 15 Life-Changing Chapters 
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"You've helped motivate me to be able to propel my practice to a higher level to help save lives, limbs, and keep people active"


California-based Podiatrist and client of Jason Capital
"You Can See
Changes Right Away"
"Status is one of his best programs that you can implement immediately and take action on. 

It's not like other theories on the internet that can take months to years to understand and implement and you can see changes right away in your life."


Award-Winning Plastic Surgeon, and client of Jason Capital.
“He Is The Real Deal!”
"I've known Jason Capital for nearly a decade, and I can tell you this: He is the real deal."


Strength and Health Expert, 2.4 Million Youtube Subscribers
    To find your life’s purpose, your true destiny, is the thing that matters most. Discover the groundbreaking formula to find out what you were born to do and get your dream life..
    Your voice is a secret weapon that can command, influence and magnetize things toward you. Here’s how to use it..
    How to master your emotions in just minutes! And discover the High-Status secret to feeling YOUR BEST all the time..
    More than 54% of all human communication is based on body language. Here’s how to avoid sending the wrong signals and what to do instead to win friends and influence people without speaking a word..
    Your eyes can betray you. In this chapter, go through specific eye-training exercises to give you instant conviction and authority, all through your eye contact alone…
    How to walk so you command attention and others instantly conclude your are commanding, authoritative and a downright sexy presence…
    Turn heads and dazzle the eye with a relaxed, yet sharp and “on-trend” look that’s custom-made for YOUR personality and goals…
    Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future. Discover how to connect and network with the power player’s and influencers in your world..
    How to leverage Human Hardwiring Rule #1: We want that which does not want us… Plus how to enjoy life to the max, not care what others think and still get everything you want in life!
    Discover the High-Status Technique for talking when the stakes are high, and naturally attract those who “vibe” with your personal truth!
    Everything you’ve been taught about rapport is WRONG. Imagine being able to trigger instant, long-lasting rapport with anybody in an instant…here’s step-by-step exactly how.
    Charismatic people get the best jobs, the best partners and always seem to be loving life. But Charisma is a muscle. A muscle you can train and grow. Here’s how to unleash your Charisma in just minutes..
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Go for it.”


World’s Foremost Evolutionary Scientist and Psychologist
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Known as "The King Of High Ticket Sales™", two-time Tedx Speaker, and multi-millionaire serial entrepreneur
"He is 100% 
The Real Deal"
“Jason Capital is 100% the real deal. This book is totally worth you checking out today.”


Regarded as one of the top 3 specialists on seduction, Adam has written and been featured on Fox, Maxim, Glamour Magazine and many more.
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